Unpopular Episode Opinions!

Since everybody who’s on this forums website pretty much came from the Episode forums, I thought it would be nice to create an unpopular Episode opinion thread. So with that being said, drop your unpopular opinions you have about Episode down below.

Note: This thread isn’t for bashing the Episode platform because it is truly a great platform, but it does have flaws just like any other known platform.


I always feel like my opinions are the unpopular opinion when compared to ppl on forums, but not unpopular when compared to majority on episode.

Example: I love episode romance! I like sexy episode romance. :smirk::smirk:


I love bad boy romances. I absolutely love them.


Ppl really dont know what a bad boy is supposed to be like…

Romance isnt my prefered genre but the hate is overrated just cuz its romance doesnt mean “omg cliche story…i haate it…”(same wth ppls irrational hate of bad boy tropes its old)

The nice guys are bland and gerneric(theres no reason to choose them)

Art scenes are unecessary and i dont like them(except the infected)

I like CC and prefer stories with it

Loathe strong female archetypes/“sassy”/“independent” or watever the frick ppl wanna call em now


That one, man :expressionless: always the good boys are portrayed as boring and bland, because the author just adds it to create the infamous love triangle, but it seems like the author maybee makes it bland to make the bad boy more fun, that’s too bad, i would choose the good boy if he had a personality, the only thing they do is call you “princess” “cupcake” and cheesy names like that… (not that bad boys are better, they are not shit)


The female generic eyes, the defined natural nose and the full heart/round pouty features are basically the upturned feline eyes, the upturned nose and the full round lips in limelight. So overused :roll_eyes:. Yeah it’s your character and they can look however you want and I fully respect that. Doesn’t change the fact that they are still overused though.


So truee, my eyes hurt every time i see those features, especially in ink, like there are other features as well and limelight has a thousand you can use, why you gotta use these?


I personally don’t really care if they use it for their MC or something but I have read some stories where they use those features for every single character… it almost looks like they are all sisters / brothers from each other even if they aren’t (this happends mostly in INK)


Exactly. I saw an Instagram story which had a story where every single character had the beach wave hair, elven nose, upturned feline eyes the same head shape and full round lips. The only thing different where the colour of the hair, eyes and lips. Even their skin were all the same or nearly all the same.


In ink the features are only:
Straight/beach wave chestnut, black and fawn
Nose upturned/elven
Eyes: upturned bold/upturned feline purple/white (these colors give a headache istg :expressionless:)
Face: oval/soft heart
Lips: classic/full round

Where are the other ones, huh? Exactly only in the portal, like they became some kind of hidden features.


Right? And then have the audacity to request for more features. For what? So you have more features to ignore whilst using the same overused features? :roll_eyes:


Damn straight! You are already covered, don’t need another full round shape lips

  • I actually enjoy stories about serial killers, as long as they’re not romanticised like My Psycho for example.

  • Art scenes are not necessary. Sometimes, I like being in a story that is suitable for my taste.

  • Nothing special about having purple or red eyes. No one was born with these eye colours unless they’re a rare breed.

  • I hate MCs with this, “I’m not like the other girls mentality”

  • I’d like to see more Mean Girls that aren’t white with blonde hair and blue eyes

  • Limelight guys are better looking than INK guys

  • I can take stories written in Limelight more seriously than stories in INK.

  • Stories like Arabic Love is stupid because it is sexualising religion. I’m sure @PensiveShadow can agree with me on that.

  • There needs to be more edgy clothing in Limelight

  • I really don’t like the flannel shirts on women

  • There are stories on the romance section that I can tolerate such as Her Innocence and Off Limits

  • Emo guitar music is very soothing & therapeutic

  • I find INK art style too babyish, same with Classic

  • There needs to be more stories with the MC as a villain

  • Zombie stories are tolerable on Episode than in movies


don’t forget evey single light skin…
Like I don’t really see these being used unless it is for a character that is making fun of. or some kind of background character


That’s awful, we should see more of these colors, i only see tan and light, it’s very annoying


So I don’t know if this is an unpopulair episode opinions because I don’t focus on INK that much anymore but I just have to say that I really like these eyes and that it’s a shame that they aren’t used as much


o and brown eyes should be used more. They are beautiful


I love almond luxe. About time they added some make up on them characters.


episode needs to focus more on creating natural Lip Colors there are a lot of skin tones that just don’t have the right natural Lip Color