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Exactly! Marriage isn’t all rainbows & butterflies.

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Yes! Yes! Someone tell this to my mother!

Thank you! Some of my relatives that live overseas really need to hear this.
Every single time I go to visit them, it’s always the same question…
Why aren’t you married yet?
It’s the only topic they ever want to discuss with me, except that one aunt that’s always pressuring me to move there even after I’ve told her ten thousand times that I don’t want to live there.


Of course mothers need to realise that marriage isn’t everything. My aunt that got out of a toxic marriage back in summer 2019 told me to never get married and I don’t blame her for that because her ex-husband is a monster!

Oh man, I know how you feel. I hate how people act like marriage is an obligation. We all have the right to not get married, it’s no one’s business if you don’t want to get married. Plus, marriage is too expensive.

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She wants to make sure that nothing ruins anyone’s marriages, even if it means keeping things to herself!

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Bloody hell, she must be pretty ignorant about marriages.

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Doubt it. That’s just typical African mothers :joy:

Same with Bangladeshi mothers even though my mum is pretty lenient towards me. I find it funny how she demands every idiot to apologise to me for bringing up these sensitive topics to my face. :joy::joy::joy:

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Oh, moms. I get them, but I can’t live without em… :roll_eyes:

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True that

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Cancelled plans are always the best. I just love the idea of just chilling in my PJs, watching my favourite films on Netflix and cuddle with my cat with some snacks!


Tatsuro Yamashita deserves a Grammy. That guy’s music is amazing.


Incoming opinions that may or may not be unpopular:

  • It’s called QUARANTINE, not VACATION TIME. It really bothers me that all the parents that have kids and teenagers here in this apartment complex are letting the kids get together every single day. Since yesterday, no one is supposed to go in the pool but people aren’t listening and doing it anyway. And the thing that saddens me the most is that my nephews are a part of all this, but since their mom thinks I interfere too much in how to raise them, she won’t listen to me even if I suggest to her that they STAY INSIDE. :broken_heart: :rage:

  • I love garlic, and I use it a lot in cooking.

  • Just because you don’t like someone’s music does not mean that you have to hate every single thing they do. People are so hateful and petty sometimes.

  • I like kids but I’m not particularly fond of babies.

  • Some teachers do care about their students. Not everyone hates their job.

  • I like Post Malone’s music. He’s versatile and his songs don’t all sound the same. Circles is very different from Sunflower, which are both very very different from most of his early songs. I hadn’t even heard of him before my nephews introduced me to Sunflower, but ever since then, I can’t stop listening to his songs.

  • I don’t like Neapolitan ice cream.


same. the kids where I live keeps playing on the soccer field and playground. some people just dont care. but its there own problem if they get sick.

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Controversial I know I‘ll say it.

Relationships can be overrated. It can be too much of a commitment if you get what I mean. I guess I’m better off single or in flirtationships.

I know what you all thinking, “This is not the Thorn I know.”

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I don’t like chocolate cake. Or chocolate flavoured chocolate, but I appreciate white chocolate :slight_smile:


White chocolate is life


selena gomez’s music is awful

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I agree with this one

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