Up to when will you go promoting your story?

Up when will you go promoting your story?

Personally, I think once you have a sufficient amount of readers, I think you can slow down/stop promoting and spend more time appreciating your fans. Either way, it’s up to what you think it’s most comfortable to you.

Do you think you will ever stop promoting?
Are there people you know who kept promoting their story despite having a large audience?


Interesting topic! I just don’t promote my stuff… I mean I don’t have a following at all so yeah. I mean if I did I would but I’m not sure how to get started.

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I mean i think you can always promote your story and should always :eyes:
though make sure to pay attention to and lift up small creators?

When it gains lots of attention and reads and is visible on the app
That’s literally what happened to my story when I used to write on episode.
I started off doing read for reads and then gradually my reads continued to increase as more people saw it on the app. I also had my friends on Instagram who shared ss from my story and so more people read it.