US west coast wildfires and a wind warning

This is kinda old news, but let’s forgive me for taking a second to get this :sweat_smile:

High winds were predicted, which would be especially risky with the large wildfires. Under high winds, the fire could spread further due to the wind.

The fires are still pretty bad and the air quality has just been widely terrible. So, feel free to use this thread to rant or talk about fires around you if you’re affected by this.


isn’t the one over the gender reveal party?

congratulations, it’s a boy, now California is burning down :tada::roll_eyes:

no, it’s just fire season i think :eyes:

like it’s not just one fire

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Too many fires :tired_face:

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Yeah, it’s really not the greatest time over here

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Even washington state and Oregon has wildfires as well. It happened when lightning struck the ground or otherwise people being dumb to set fire :fire:.

Tennessee had one near where 2016 Great Smoky Mountains wildfires and if you still head up there, you can still see damage of it.

I’m really ready to return to the mountain next summer in great smoky mountain.