User's Height Thread

Since the other one closed… Here’s an open one!

Share your height, and if you are content with yours!

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175 cm (5 foot 9 inches) :eyes:

:flushed: Hahahaha… Wow. :sweat_smile:

155 cm.
That’s 5 feel and one inch.
I used to hate being short, but now it doesn’t really bother me.
I took modeling classes when I was in my early teens, and participated in a few kid and pre-teen beauty pageants, and one modeling agency rejected me for not being tall enough. :sob:

What happened? :flushed:


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Aww, that’s cute :cowboy_hat_face:
Don’t mind me, I find short people adorable lol.

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162.56 cm. (5 foot 4)

I’m 5’1" as well. I’d say it’s a good exercise climbing on the cabinets… But that rejection story reminds me of Michael Jordan.

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pouts nuuuu…

I’m nineteen T-T

4’11” :nerd_face:

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169/170 cm
So that’s about 5 ft 7


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165 cm, idk if that’s tall or short lmao

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That’s just remarkably taller lol.

I think it’s average in the US.

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154.94 cm. That’s 5 foot 1 inch. :star_struck: :whale: :purple_heart: :cup_with_straw:
My dumb head said 2 inchess lmao that don’t even add up

I’m 5’2"

I’m shorter than all my friends and my younger brother.

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My younger sister is terrifying. She’s like 5’3