Video game thread

For all you @Gamers

I have some questions!

What’s your favorite video game?
Favorite video game genre?
What device do you usually play on?
Favorite platform?
Video game recommendations?

I guess anything game related it welcomed here! Chats about any game as well! It’s like a free space for gamers lol. I hope nothing else like this has been created, sorry if it was lol.

About me and my gaming life LOL:

I like to play multiplayer games on PS4. I like PC too. I play games like COD, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and best of yet games like Skyrim, Dark Souls, Tomb Raider, Minecraft, ETC.

What about y’all?


Need for speed: hot pursuit and Asphalt 8

Racing :thinking:


I barely play mobile. It feels weird. :joy: Racing games are fun, especially in real life arcade.

Lmao I feel you :joy:
I’m a sucker for them :star_struck:
I’ve been playing racing games I was like around 13 years old

Have you been to irl arcades? They’re super fun.

Yes I’ve been to arcades but never played any of the games there
I’ve watched other people play them and yeah they had fun
it was really cool tbh and noisy too haha :joy::joy::joy:

How have you been there but never played on anything? That’s crazy. If I was at an arcade you’d see me outdriving mf’s on the race games with the wheels and everything. :joy:

Super punch out

Sci fi/ horror

xbox, my phone, my laptop

Lolipop chainsaw, fran bow, never ending nightmares, COD, little nightmares, cuphead, alice madness, punch out, clock tower, aliens.

I only like competitions online but not irl
bruhh these boys down here don’t how to act when they’re racing I swear it’s crazy

but they’re pretty rad :raised_hands:t5:

Doom 1993

FPS, horror platformers

PC or PS4


Doom, alien isolation, f.e.a.r. Dead space

Could you tell me more about the last two games you mentioned? Are they on PS4?

Sadly not, they’re old gen so you could get them on PS3. But I highly doubt they’re on PS4
F.E.A.R. a fps game with horror elements. It’s most well known due their A.I being intelligent, to the point they’ll actually do flanking and keep you in cover.
Dead space is basically resident evil but in space against aliens. It’s a pretty fun game due to how unique and great the horror is the first time.
It’s got 4 games + 2 DLC. One of those games is on the wii.

Best bet is either xbox or PC. (they’re pretty old games so you don’t need the best PC in the world to play them just a decent/good one)

Right now it’s minecraft but I also love paladins

Umm Shooters :eyes:


Added tags :sparkles:

Lately I’ve been playing a lot of R6 Siege.

I have many online game devices and I am a great amateur of them. Now my favorite game is Rocket League and I spend a lot of time playing. I reached a high status due to items that I bought along the way, and that raised my level a lot. Rl prices are currently down which allows me to accumulate more points and more frequent wins. Recently I have made updates to my cars and I have procured many useful things that have had a positive impact on my vehicle mayhem. I hope to become the best in this game. How long have you been playing Rocket League?)))

I’ve been wanting to start playing video games recently and I’m probably going to start with Hitman, Silent Hill and Laura Croft.