Visual Novel Beta Reader

Hello!! How are you??
I’m Forgotmypiano, a new member. Nice to meet you!
I am currently making a visual novel. I have a small team of artists and a coder willing to help when the time comes. I expect it to be ready within 4 - 5 years.
For now, I’m still developing the story. Doing brainstorming and outlines and character sheets, and even though I have a super cool beta reader already, I’d like to ask if anyone else would like to hear my ideas and critique them? Nothing really written yet besides some ideas thrown in the paper, but it’s a project I’m willing to take until the very end!
That’s it. Thanks for your attention until here!


Which writing platform do you write it on? Or are you planning to create an entire separate app for it? :eyes::sparkles:
I’d be interested, but idk if I have enough time for it :eyes::sparkles:

You mean, in which platform is the game being developed? The coder will make it in Ren’py!
As for where I write, I’d share a google doc and maybe discord info!
Don’t worry if you don’t have time! I understand that beta reading is a lot of work!

Omg this sounds so niceee i hope you publish it successfully!

Thank you!!!

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This sounds super cool!

Added a few tags!

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Oh I didnt know it could have more than one tag, thank you!!!


I’ll betaread