Visual Stories vs Books

Ok, so all in all there are three kinds of writers on here;

  • Visual story writers (episode, choices, ect.)
  • Writers who write actual books (wattpad, hardback, softback)
  • Writers that do both

Both kinds of writing have their own pros and cons, which is what this thread is to be discussing.
So, which kind do you prefer? Do you think one is more difficult? Which one are you more likely to earn money/readers from? How are they different?

Personally, I think Visual Stories are harder, simply because screen directing is proving to be a pain in the @ss and choices are just as difficult XD. As well as the fact that I’m extremely limited in visual diversity - being disabled, plus sizes and different body type characters are very difficult to create with the templates we’ve been given.
I prefer writing actual books, because I have more freedom that way, but visual stories are quite a fun challenge as well. Money wise, I’m too young to earn any so I don’t have a clue loll.
And in differences, I feel that you have to put a bit more thought into an actual book to make it sound good, whereas Visual stories is more like directing a movie or something :]

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I love visual novels, and prefer working on them because coding is one of the things i actually really enjoy. I prefer the VNs where the characters are images rather than animated, because i love stylised games and think the different character designs are super interesting and often more recognisable.

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Visual novels are easier to write because you don’t have to describe features and motions as much, but I like writing both :eyes::green_heart:

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