Want Your Characters to Cameo in a Novel?

I’ve started a Toyhouse account for the characters in my novels. And I thought about something fun - if you want your character to appear as a cameo in my novel, Devil’s Triangle, then please buy me a Ko-Fi or donate 38 Ink! :kissing_heart::star_struck:

Also, information about the characters and world will slowly be revealed on Toyhouse as the story continues!

More info about my novel here below:

Devil's Triangle

To escape a scandal, a small-time singer flees to her hometown, but nowhere is safe from the watchful eyes of the Internet. Her return stirs up a maelstrom that ends in a string of horrific deaths, and the list of suspects is endless - ranging from cyber stalkers to old flames. With the help of the double-edged sword of technology, an over-enthusiastic policeman and a mild-mannered school counselor must piece together the clues to the murders.

How about you guys? Do you have a Toyhouse account for your characters? I would love to take a look at it. :smiley:

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Oooh, I’ve already seen that offer to have our characters featured in your story! That’s such a good idea, I might take you up on that offer :smile_cat:


Oh sure, hit me up anytime! :smiley:


This seems interesting, what is toyhouse?

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Toyhouse is a site where you can post information about your characters and the worlds you’ve built! People also use it for roleplay or selling/buying/trading adopts, I believe.

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Okay cool, I will think about sending a character to you then. I might set up an account though I’m not sure yet.

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Sure! Let me know if end up creating an account so I can follow you there. :wink:


Okay, I will do that!

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