Waste Not Want Not: Hold Onto All Those “Bad Ideas”

Originally published at: https://shanniiwrites.com/2018/09/03/waste-not-want-not-hold-onto-all-those-bad-ideas/

How to get back on your feet when you feel like your story is terrible. Newsflash: it’s probably not!


This was so helpful! Thank you for another amazing blog Shannii!

The scenario sounds familiar to me but I usually spend somewhere between two weeks to two months on the bad idea :joy:

The A and B scenario was a great visualization, but to be honest, I don’t recognize that.

The trick is being able to separate this loss of enthusiasm for genuinely good ideas from the actual realisation that an idea is bad.

This is sooo good! Yes!

I love the idea of keeping a folder with ideas and drafts and just my “creative” stuff, I should do that!

I know that you’re writing about faeries again :heart_eyes:


After reading the first part, I’m so glad I never had this problem :joy: I never had to rush out of the bathroom to write down my ideas because they are just stuck in my mind until I find the time to write them down. And I hardly ever get really enthusiastic about my ideas when I’m thinking about them, I need to share them with others first and get their feedback to really think it’s a good idea.
But holding on to the bad ideas is really important. I’ve never deleted anything that I thought was bad (that’s why I have about 50 story ideas on my laptop and none of them is finished…)

This was a really interesting blog post! I really do tend to delete a lot of stuff that I don’t like, because I’ll stop liking something really quickly after writing it down. I think writing stuff down and then leaving it for some time is a good idea, because it allows for some time to see the idea for what it is and perhaps gain some new ideas for how it would work out. I liked the comment about forcing yourself to see the positive parts in something, since that can really help to figure out what parts are worth keeping and developing and remembering what you liked about the writing in the first place. It’s definitely one of those things that’s easier said than done :sweat_smile:

I have a whole volt of ideas so I’ve never really thrown anything away. Even the embarassing stuff I wrote as I child, I know it can work, just with more work that’s all :joy:. I feel like one of the worst things people can do is throw away an idea just because they don’t see at that point in time how it could work.

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