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I’m running out of good books to read on wattpad, so i will post a list of books that |I thought were good and I would appreciate it if you could send recommendations here on this thread, I will edit them into the list here and add a brief description, as well as author etc.


Written by chaoticdeluge, it’s about Kito and his wife Katy in a foreign world. recommend it highly

Queen of freaks

Written by shanniiwrites. It’s about a girl called evana who grows up in a world where magic is banned. She is a princess and never leaves the cattle, until one day she sneaks out…


Written by cheyara_M, its a very good read with… engaging scenes. warnign nit contains very mature themes. About a woman named Roxana who basically falls in love with someone she shouldnt…

i will add more later

Queen of Freaks by ShanniiWrites

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That fits fantasy? :thinking:

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Oui :blush:

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  • How To Hide A Body by ashtsk
  • Mask Of Celibacy by Caroline Hill
  • The Fugitive Grandma by Dmitri Raganov
  • Cherry Knots by hepburnettes
  • Breakup Formula by hepburnettes
  • Animal Instinct by hepburnettes
  • The Good Girl’s Bad Boys: The Good, The Bad, and The Bullied by RubixCube89201
  • Pause by CJ_Adler
  • Cinderelliot by archertypes
  • The Fight Club Academy by highfoxes
  • Fatal Alliances by CelineMahadeo
  • Coffee And Criminals by hessiankills
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these sound promising!

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