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Hey guys! I have a relatively new story that I’ve been working on and I published it about a week ago! It’s a fantasy adventure, and I’m planning to only have it be about 4 chapters. I’ve published one so far. :heart:

Description: Valanoel, home of the fiercest warriors. The only place Liora has ever known as home and one she’s not planning on leaving. Battles in Valanoel are fought and won. Until they aren’t. Valanoel falls, and Liora with it. She’s a prisoner of war now, quickly and forcefully being dragged into a new way of life. An unfamiliar place, where she’s expected to be a lady. Liora is forced to rapidly change everything about herself, even her name. She wages a silent war against this new and unforgiving world she has been thrown into, vowing to not be defeated again. Until she is, experiencing everything all over again. Forced once again into a new world. A tired soldier, she’s forced to fight a war on too many fronts, testing how far she would go to be her own shield, along with her loved one’s shield as well.
Link: https://my.w.tt/28o5ps9hNX
Thanks for taking the time to read this topic, and even more thank you’s if you read it! :heart:


I shall read it, it seems interesting.


Yay. :full_moon_with_face:

Thank you though! I’m glad you find it interesting. :joy: