We Need to Talk

You may be aware of the petition to get Episode to bring back the RP section with people from here, voting and I just want to have a talk about this.

The forums are struggling

We’re losing traffic, we no longer have Google Ads in order to help us sustain the forums, we used to make a profit off that but no more. I just really want to know what Episode has to offer you, we’ve made our rules much laxer our staff are people you know and can trust and if you can’t you have Shannii and Deluge who are more than happy to hear you out. We were the most active subcategory of Episode, now you are the most active category of ShanniiWrites Forums. You’ve found a home that will never give you 2 weeks or less to archive everything before they forever delete it. Because they’re never going to do that to you guys.

RPing is very active, we chat all the time we talk much more than we RP sometimes (me :raised_hand:) and we come together to write stories that last for months, even years if we’re determined. However we’re still losing quite a lot of traffic, it’s mainly from people going back to RP on Episode who has made it clear they don’t want you. They’ll suspend you if you talk about any forums but their own and will ban you in a blink of an eye because they have thousands of other users still hanging on their every post. So which is why I really want you guys to rethink about joining Episode or signing that petition. Let’s be honest, they’re never going to give you an explanation or treat you as you’re worth.

We’re here for you guys, we want this section to be active and flourish and grow. We want to know what you guys want and need from the RP section. We want this place to be active this community to thrive because it’s such a beautiful community with a bunch of kind people from all over the world on all 7 continents.

How can you help?

For one, Episode is in the past. We can’t stop you but we do ask that you spend time on here instead, when you divide your time we lost traffic and every hit is a big one. We try to provide interesting content here to keep you around, but if you have your own feel free to start discussions and talk!

Two, discord is pretty much more active than here, once again, when you divide your time we lost your time and time = money and we do need money to support this place and the server.

Three, Big and Small RPs because every bit counts, put your chats on a public thread!! We need that activity we need to see people are apart of this. We don’t benefit from PMs and a newcomer will only see a dead sign-ups.

Four, Blog posts!! We’re working on a writing platform, we’re gaining beta testers and looking for holes!! This is awesome, but blog posts are very useful and can be read for writing. When you read them, and like them and make accounts and share them we all benefit!

Five, Share! It might be weird but quarantine is boring, text your friends about the site, about what we’re doing here. Let 'em know, if they’re not into roleplaying that’s chill, we have reading contests, art, writing ones too and a good community filled with people who are pretty chatty.

RPers we can’t lose this place, all the stories we have here and now that we’ve finally settled in here. Please, don’t ditch this place where they accepted all of us with open arms and kindness and if you can please help us to support this place.



preach :clap:


This is so perfectly written!! The RP section here is not going anywhere as long as we are all here on it. Even in the unlikely case that Episode brings their RP section back, it cannot be a guarantee that it will stay forever, after they were happy to pull the rug from under us before is that the correct phrase? it sounded smart!


If I am being honest I would say that Episode offers us nothing they made their decision. It is more welcoming here generally speaking anyways. The general mood here is better and we are treated much better over here. I personally felt like I had to walk on eggshells at Episode to make sure I didn’t get myself blocked or suspended here it isn’t like that. We are seen much much much more as equals here and you are explained to why you are out of line if you are instead of just being banned or suspended. I am happy here and I hope you guys are too.


Even if Episode brought back the RP section (for some unknowable reason), I wouldn’t trust them to not take it away again. That was such a bad move on their part, and we barely got any warning.


Wait, we can write blog posts :star_struck:
Or we’ll be able to soon(?) Either way that’s amazing. I have so many opinions that I’d love to write out. On movies and books.
Personally, I would never leave here. I didn’t know it was a thing until the Episode mishap and that encident made me question the integrity, sanity, and stability of the Episode Team. But now that I’ve found it I would find it really hard to leave.
It’s also nowhere as toxic as Episode the people that do wrong things are actually taken care of. The leaders have my trust and I truly feel as though if I had an issue with anyone I could take to the Leaders/Mods and they would listen.




I know I would like to hear your opinions! (Especially on movies, I also have a lot of opinions so maybe we will be able to agree or disagree and debate!! on things!). Maybe you could put them in the Movies & TV and Books section?


:clap:t5:Yes girl PREACH :clap:t5:


Are Mods of Episode even gonna accept the petition and bring back RP section?
RP community here is better than that sh¡t


You have no idea how much that means to me :joy:
And I love debates so
I most likely will be putting them there. I’ll probably just make a thread for them and stick them all to the one thread where people would be free to comment on anything I say. Otherwise I have nowhere else to put them. Or I could put them in a thread that’s already been created for that specific opinion. I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it at all.


I’m surprised that they didn’t flag and ban the person who came up with the petition, or have they? :eyes:
But either way, they said that RPs aren’t part of the direction they’re aiming for, so I doubt that it will change anything :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

And if it helps, I’ll join some RPs here even if I’ll terribly fail at RPing :eyes::eyes::green_heart:


:eyes: :eyes: We got another one-


That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely be checking in on it to see when you mention a movie that I know about and arguing debating about it haha!

But, the real question is, what direction are they aiming for??? They seem to be going in the same direction they were in before the RP section!

ella's bad joke

One might even say they’re going in …


I’ve got a couple of questions for these people. :eyes:

Why would you want the RP category back on the Episode forums? What is the point of that?

Our threads, posts, everything isn’t just going to appear out of nowhere. Is it? :joy:
It’s gone

I’m curious, why would you want to go back there? You’re in a great place with great leaders who actually care about you (literally the entire staff). Why can’t you people see that? :woman_facepalming:


Some very valid questions! But I think the most of the people (or at least the people who started it) are people who aren’t on these forums and I can see a lot of comments saying ‘I joined after the RPing section was closed but it seems like a lot of fun so I’ll sign’!

You have no idea how hard it was for me not to say WELL THESE FORUMS HAVE ROLEPLAYING!!!


:eyes: Lemme just start a new account and get that done for you :+1:


:pray: Thank you haha!


I’d ‘educate’ these people if I wouldn’t get flagged everytime I opened my mouth

Personally, I haven’t seen any of these posts probably because I’m blind but I trust you when you say that you’ve witnessed it. If I was one of these people, I’d probably sign too.
Edit: I found a post!

Usually when somebody asks about this forum, I’ll message them and tell them about it. I’ve done this twice and both people have joined! :eyes:


I know I really want to private message the people on there and invite them onto here, but that’s advertising ):

I would link the thread to show you the comments however… then I’m literally linking the petition we are telling people they shouldn’t sign.