Weekly Poll 21/12/2020 - Christmas

Hello again, forum family,

Thanks to everyone who voted on last week’s poll!
It seems that many forumers have a hit or miss opinion about the government of the country they’re currently living in! (wink)

This week’s poll will be about Christmas.
What’s your favourite part of Christmas time?

  • Being with family
  • Carols & Christmas music
  • Christmas Films
  • It’s a holiday
  • The decorations
  • The food
  • The presents
  • The tree
  • The weather
  • All of it!
  • Nothing. Bah Humbug!
  • Another answer (share below)

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Feel free to create polls and discuss Christmas below! (wink)



I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I enjoy the silence while everyone else is busy celebrating :eyes::sparkles:


I don’t celebrate, but I have tasted the food so that’s my favorite thing about it


Mmm… Christmas dinner

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I sorta feel like the real message of Christmas has now been replaced with people only looking forward to it for the gifts or the food :eyes: i usually go around with my brother singing Christmas songs at random houses lmao :star_struck: my brother is hella embarrassed but it’s something I like doing and since my parents agree then it’s a must he does it as well :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Merry Christmas, @Discussions!

Taken the poll yet?

What did you get for Christmas? Have a good one?!


It seems that many forumers love all of Christmas, while there are a number who like nothing about it! (wink)

The next poll can be found here.

Closed as poll for next week was posted.