What are some fears you have while RPing?

In many of the things we do, there’s going to be a part of us that has a concern, no matter how comfortable we feel about it. That what if feeling, thinking of something could go wrong. Especially when it’s something on a public scale like RPing, there can often be some element of fear present.

What fears do you have when RPing?
How do you counteract and ease those fears?



Many fears

  • My post may not contain the sufficient amount of information or reaction.
  • Emotions of my characters sounds dull or fake, and often extra.
  • I might fail to choose the correct word for the vibe I’m going for.
  • While having more than 2 characters, I might mix up their personalities and the way they react /behave /respond verbally.
  • Giving wrong logic / information
  • Creating confusion in a scene.

Etc etc

  • Not having enough detail for the person replying to go off of.

  • Weird sentence phrasing.

  • Accidently offending someone.


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But omg so many

  • Mostly worrying that my responses are boring/the characters are boring
  • misunderstanding something in someone else’s response and making my character sound stupid when they’re like not supposed to >.>
  • failing to convey the proper vibe I want
  • inaccuracies, whether it’s to do with social wise or like whatever

That my post is never good enough, but that goes for any of my writing, really.

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I get insecure about my style of writing. I see people sometimes pulling off these goofy scenes and since I’m more of a serious person, I sometimes feel like I don’t make the same connection as others do.

Also the size of posts I like to keep things compact haha


I have exactly the same fears as @unsungcheerio, plus a fear that my characters do not have a distinct voice ~


genuinely with the amount of anxiety I get when posting replies it’s like WILD that I enjoy this

But anyway continuing my list:

  • that all my characters are extensions of each other, in the sense that they’re all just clones of one other (which i think is the same as Marie’s added one wowow we anxiety twins )
  • repeating the boring thing just for good measure
  • can I just say quotes- QUOTES those freAK ME OUT like I see a quoted message after I post a rp reply that’s enough to just make me avoid the thread for hours idc

I know this feeling very well (so triplets I guess). I have a lot of characters who are meek, kindhearted, and softies like me, so in a sense, they are all the same and I always wonder if they aren’t TOO much the same or better said, that I don’t put enough effort into making them different.

@RPers, do you guys have any fears while RPing that you’d be willing to share?

  • If what I wrote made sense or not.
  • Am I godmodding?
  • Is my writing too bland?