What Are Some Good & Bad Eating Habits?

Good Habits :

⊰ Eat and chew slowly
⊰ Drink water from time to time
⊰ Add fruits and vegetables to your meal
⊰ Chew without making sounds
⊰ Don’t talk while eating
⊰ Try to not spill your food

Bad Habits :

⊰ Eating too much fast food
⊰ Chewing loudly
⊰ Throwing food at others
⊰ Not paying attention to the meal and people eating with you
⊰ Talking while having food in your mouth
⊰ Spilling food into your drinks

  • Do you follow all the good habits? Do you avoid all the bad habits?
  • What else do you have to add to the lists?
  • Do you agree with my points?
  • Do table and eating manners matter to you?

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ah yes, very common, happens all the time

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Not eating.

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I know, right?! :weary::raised_hand:

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Or just chewing with your mouth open.

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  • Eating a balanced meal that includes food from all food groups
  • Not spilling your food everywhere while eating, nor staining your clothes
  • Clearing your plate and taking it to the sink after eating


  • Dropping your utensils and asking someone else to pick them up
  • Dropping food on yourself, picking it off of you, and eating it
  • Eating something that fell on the floor
  • Burping loudly after a meal… I just saw a video where a guy kept burping after eating and drinking, and it was cringe overload

These are in my opinion


  • Have dinner with everyone in the household when possible.
  • Having a perfect bite!
  • Taking your time with eating.


  • How my dad eats: (Shoves everything in his mouth, is out of breath in between so heavy breath through his nose, licks the pan (even grease), attempts to get second while we’re no where near done).
  • Standing up when you’re done.
  • Stealing food from other people’s plate.
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