What are some limitations for you in RPing?

Our wonders and fantasies are limitless and we can do anything about it; however, for the sake of some things, we still need to abide by the face that we can’t always share everything and do everything we want to do especially if it might cause some unpleasant consequences. This also applies, of course, in the realm of RPing and SGing and I’ve come across them a few times.

Certain characters and scene ideas have crossed in my mind that I wanted to implement but couldn’t because I’m afraid it would offend the community (I won’t tell you but the hint is that a part of me believes that the reality is its own perfection). Now one of the biggest limitations is also the lack of motivation and creativity, like a writer’s block, and it’s been lingering in me for who knows how long :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@RPers, how about you?

  • What are some limitations you’ve come across with RPing?
  • What do you think are more limitations in RPing that you haven’t experienced yet?

honestly, writing non-actional things has been harder for me. I like to have action and conversation and if I get a whole bookwork of details but only a few sentences with dialogue I can work on, it kind of throws me off. :sweat_smile:

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