What are some things about your eating habits you want to change?

I have to eat something sweet after every meal if I want to “feel full” and that’s not so great… I think that’s the only habit I would like to change but it’s not that easy. Eating veggies would also be nice but I just hate them :(

  • What are some things about your eating habits you want to change?

I do intermittent fasting :star_struck::star_struck:

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I never feel full :star_struck:

My friends are always like “How do you eat so much but so slim?” :joy:

I exercise a lot, that’s why

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I’m not sure, because I eat half of my food or no food at all when I don’t find it appealing.
So I guess I want to eat a whole meal.
But I get a weird feeling when I eat something to heavy.

Eating better food :eyes:

I want to be healthy for about 2 seconds a day. I just have too much things-unhealthy things in my house that you only eat the tiniest bit of a meal if you want to be healthy.

I’m naturally drawn to salty foods and snacks, which is probably hereditary because my mom also tends to use a lot of salt. For home cooking, we’ve been using pink Himalayan salt for the past few years, but most packaged and fast foods are made with regular, refined salt.

I’m eating more fruits lately because I make a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I haven’t eaten vegetables that much this week, so I think I need to make some now.

I used to use this salt also.
I like it.

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Well, I want to start having breakfast. I never eat in the morning when I wake up (if I wake up early because I have classes or something), I just wait for lunch and starve for 3-4 hours. Not good…

Eating healthier food :eyes: