What are some weird questions you ask as a writer?

Don’t writers have the weirdest questions?

You’re writing a murder mystery (or hospital drama): What’s the quickest and most discreet way to get rid of a body? How long does it take for someone to die of blood loss? How does someone act after a traumatic event? What’s an appropriate height for someone to fall on water and almost die but still manage to live? Could humans ever become zombies in reality, if so, how?

You’re building a cyberpunk world: Can everyone realistically have access to flying cars 50 years from now? How expensive are holograms? What are some items of clothing that look futuristic but still make sense as clothes and offer enough mobility? Can someone please offer a solution to the global warming issue so the existence of my cyberpunk world makes sense and doesn’t become a dystopic world instead? (And when you find no answer to that question) How do I build a cyberpunk dystopic world?

You’re writing fantasy: Are elves good or bad creatures? What happens to genies if they refuse to grant their master’s wishes? Can a human acquire a nine-tailed white foxes’ orb without the fox’s permission? How do humanoid undead creatures live in society without anyone wondering just how the hell this person isn’t dead after 600 years? What would be a scientific explanation as to how vampires drink blood without their victims screaming in agony?

I’m the kinda gal to jump from project to project because I often get bored or uninspired if I stay focused on one for too long (I’m working on it). But I have no idea why I found THIS when I was cleaning up my bookmark manager. I’m sure it must’ve been for some weird side-project I had at one point, I just can’t remember what kind of question I wanted to be answered or why.

Share your weird questions and thoughts and maybe someone could answer them, who knows! We’ll at least have a good laugh and feel less alone.


what happens to people accused of theft XD
I was writing about a homeless kid, who tried to steal drugs from a pharmacy for her sick sister, and she got caught, and I was wondering what happens from there, you know? Does she get let go? Does she go to jail? wut happens


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Oh, that reminds me of writing a character who went to juvie for a crime he didn’t commit! That’s when we ask the most incriminating questions :joy: For theft, I usually assume that the kid, if really young, is just let off with a warning, especially if it’s for a good cause. But who knows, it also depends on the location, right?

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I’m writing a very emotional story, and I just had to ask my proofreaders if it was weird that I felt like a proud momma watching my own characters work through their issues. Even though I wrote those issues. And those resolutions. And those characters.

I may need help lol

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When do people receive their first paycheck in the US?
In my country, depending on where you work, it’s usually twice a month. But last year, I was writing this story that was supposed to take place in the USA, and I wanted my characters to go to the mall together and celebrate that they had just gotten their first paycheck. But something went wrong with the timeline, and I wrote the scene after they had been working at that place for only a week.


How do I make my story racially diverse without washing out one race by having a majority of another race and only one person from one race? (I’m referring to skin color…sorry :skull:)

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I feel you! I love my characters as if they were real people. And not many people here will get this reference but just in case someone does: I freak out everytime I have to put my characters through hell because after watching “W: Two Worlds Apart” I just can’t see the role of an author and the role of a character the same ever again.

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How the hell do conglomerates actually work? How do people successfully fake their deaths and come back years later with a new identity despite looking the exact same? How do shares work? Is there any corporate owned by a black person? Do black chaebols exist? Is a 2-3 story mansion too big for 2-3 people? Do I need more background characters? Should in-laws move in their spouse’s family??