What are the positive and negative effects of television?

Alright, so it’s true that television has both negative and positive effects on the body. These range from not sleeping right, bad concentration in the younger ages, too much noise for some people, and other negative effects like that. The more positive effects are the fact you can watch productive videos for educational uses, becomes a stress reliever, helps you emotionally, and for some, it can help them get things done quicker if you need background noise.

Negative Effects:

  • Blue Light Syndrome - Keeps you from going to bed at night. The recommended solution is to cut screentime out 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Couch Potato Mode - if you do nothing but look at a screen every day without any breaks it can take a huge toll on you. The best thing is to go outside, get a hobby that requires non-screen time, play with the animals with the tv off, and so on.
  • Distraction - If you have problems with working on certain things while the tv is going on then it would be best to turn the tv off, leave the tv on but put it on mute, go to another room where it is quieter and there is no tv on and put on your headphones to listen to music while they watch tv.

Positive Effects:

  • Using Tv for education - Most teachers use the tv to show students a media form of what they are teaching. This is good in controlled bouts.
  • TV as Background Noise - Background noise can help certain individuals who can’t concentrate when it is too quiet in the room. Turning the tv on can help them focus on what they need to do.
  • Putting Music Stations On the TV - this is a common thing now where you can connect music through the tv which can help you out if you do not want to use headphones.

Do you know of any positive and negative effects when it comes to the tv? Do you think the use of the tv is good or bad?



  • You can get addicted and can’t stop watching
  • I’ve heard you don’t get sleep if you watch TV before bed…
  • It can strain your eyes
  • It emits blue light which is harmful


  • Entertainment.
  • Education/You can learn something new

@ScreenSloths What are other pros and cons of TV?


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