What are you doing rn?

Ooh to where

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Packing for a sleepover✨

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France, 2 weeks with some friends. Pretty excited about it!

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Ooh! France is lovely.

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Now I’m watching season 8 of Brooklyn 99 :sunglasses:

Attempting to finish some rp characters while also prepping to go back to uni

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Browsing my social accs while thinking of doing my projects

And i just noticed that the views on my profile are at 99 XD

Now it’s 101

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Revamping my Linktree for my Instagram writing account. I’m revamping the writing account too. Also working on a few templates while writing Deadly Nightshade.

Just finished the templates lol

Just moved into my new place today, so switching between unpacking, watching videos, browsing, and writing my story.

Writing and trying to figure how to write a statement about Episode blacklisting my story. While listening to music

Reorganizing my desk so I can use my new CD player

I have given up on re-organizing but I did get some homework done

Basking in the purple glow of my led lights.

Updating my profile (I’m done now)
I do that like every month or so idk

The worst possible thing a ginger could do - walking around in the sun :joy:

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