What are you skilled at?🦋

I’m not skilled :nerd_face:
Tho apparently I’m good at making microwave popcorn because even my mum asks me to do it because “I do it better” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But what about you guys? Any skills in that sleeve ay?


No- :eye::lips::eye:

Hahahaha! I’m really good at scaring the sh!t out of people.

Nothing. :sob:

Writing, making rice and being lazy :star_struck:

Uhmm, I’m not sure :sweat_smile:

I used to be moderately good at drawing.

Procrastinating :star_struck:

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Playing video games

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Omg yeah same-

such skills :star_struck:

I’m skilled at getting very stressed over schoolwork

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I can keep calm during a lottttt of pressure and stress

Due being a HSP I am able to notice the littleeee details that no one notices lol

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A what?

Lettering and cooking, I guess.
I have a pretty good memory.
I like to think I’m skilled at writing, but I tend to doubt my ability in that area.


Not dying. The universe can’t kill me. :D

Wasting time :grinning: being unproductive

Cramming :grinning: