What are your favorite DL contest entries?

Have you read any of the Double Life contest entries? Which ones did you like best?
So far, I’ve only read DL: The Impostor and DL: Stormbreaker, both of which I liked a lot.



“Tasting Temptation” was pretty good


DL: Slight of Hand

It was pretty good, still need o finish it tho :sweat_smile:


Here are my favorites:

DL: The Greatest Hero
DL: Tasting Temptation
DL: Racing Royal

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I haven’t read any of the double life stories.

Expect for Heros Of The World.

It’s a bit of an underrated one and haven’t won but I think it’s pretty good.

I’m planning on reading Racing Line by Ame Episode. Since Ik that her stories are pretty good.

Most of the DL entries didn’t even have DL on the entry but they still won. Lol, I’m surprised that none noticed that.