What Are Your RP Characters’ Zodiac Signs?

Sometimes you may have a vision of your character in your mind, but you can’t seem to find the words to describe them, or you want to develop them further. One way to help is to determine your character’s personality type, or zodiac sign.

You may wonder how determining their zodiac sin would help, but deciding which one fits them best forces you to look at some of their core traits. Not everyone fits their zodiac sign in real life, but there are certain things that are common among individuals that share the same sign. When you find what sign fits them, you can read and find common strengths/weaknesses, likes/dislikes, and other common tendencies and traits that may apply to your character.

By deciding your character’s zodiac sign, it can be something that comes up in conversation during the RP, and it provides a range of time for when their birthday would be.

You can look into zodiac signs on your own to find what you feel fits best for your character, or you can take a quiz as your character to see what might fit.

You can take a quiz to find your character’s zodiac sign right here, and feel free to talk about your non RP characters’ zodiac signs and quiz results right here!



This is such a cool idea aaa-


I’ve only taken the quiz for a couple of my RP characters so far, and one is actually extremely accurate. The other fits well also though.
So I ended up getting:

Maverick from Blue Royalty = Aries
Reina from Blue Royalty = Gemini

I have zodiac signs decided for a few of my other characters, but I decided theirs on my own. These two I decided through the quiz.


I took the quiz for all of my X-Men characters. I’ll probably take it for my Las Levendas characters, too.

Kôzuke Ui= Virgo
Inna Bobr= Gemini (Which makes a lot of sense)
X-4 (Yeah, that’s just her name)= Aries (Which makes too much sense)


My character Loraine Wellington from Greenstead RP is Leo


Regan is of course an cancer like me, as suspected

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Here’s the signs for my Las Levendas characters:

Tink= Cancer
Hades= Aquarius (Of course)
Snow= Taurus (I kinda thought she’d be a Gemini)

@LasLavendasCitizens I’m curious to hear what your characters got.


Blue royalty
Safiya Essa: Libra
Mamoud Essa: Taurus

PM RP wif de gang @AytoGang
Libby Kingston: Sagittarius

Total Drama Island
Chanel Parker: cancer

Russell Villanueva (s6): Cáncer
My estranged son Dante Clemente of s7: aries
Roxanne Maximillian (s7): Virgo I think maybe cancer def a lil cancan energy there
Erick Villanueva(s8): Leo/Virgo mix I made him like that on purpose

Anna Sallow: pisces
Raymond Suzuki: Gemini
Lucille Wilson: Capricorn af

Lime Grove
Vinnie Kane: very much cancer
Ian Anchors: aries DUH

Time of the rebellion
The girl: cancer
The boy: gemini

Yeah❤️ I’m bored lolz


Love is Blind
Benji: Scorpio dur. He owned fixed mars
Carmen Laurel: Aquariusssss she was such a lil water bearer


When you have the same name as Logan Paul you can’t escape it

Omg the person I based safiya off of is married to a gemini :pleading_face:

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I proofed the test Brooke and shanni, they accused me of being a Taurus!!! Although that is my dominant sign, this was a sun sign test therefore they are found
of astrology girl fraud

Case closed
Mallet taps

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I’ll check it soon!

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Arthur - Capricorn
Bill -

Lorene - Sagittarius (I’m surprised by that)
Phyllis -

Lisette -
Owen -

Princeton -
Daisy -

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Sometimes I figure out my characters zodiac signs before finishing their personality because I usually have an idea in my head.

Ursula from Charmed Coven = Cancer
Austin from CHB = Aries

Coincidentally, I pictured Ursula being an Aries :sweat_smile:

Some actually surprise me
Celestial rp
Cerys: gemini
Unbrian: Aries
Engelise: Taurus

Dark Snow:
Dan: Cancer
Snow: Aquarius
Spyte: Libra

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My character Ruby from Blue Royalty was born in July, so either a Leo or Cancer.

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My characters don’t have zodiac signs :sunglasses:

Princess Snow White be my zodiac mate

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Stop calling him that!

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Nah :joy:

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