What are your weaknesses in writing?

The more I write and the more I talk to other writers, the more I realise I have some really big weaknesses in writing. I mean, my planning skills are non-existent, so that’s one major weakness. But there are some more as well that I should work on.

What are your weaknesses in writing?
Do they bother you?
Do you try to improve or just ignore them?


Not creative enough to think about something to write (nah I don’t write but rping?)

Yeah kinda

I ask for help/ideas



Yes I see lots of stories with good narration I feel like it’s important I’m just not good at it :broken_heart:

I try to improve but I’ve lost motivation lately so I haven’t been doing much :eye:


Narration- particularly trying to “show” rather than “tell”.

It bothers me and I’m trying to improve, but most of the writing I do at the moment is more dialogue focused. I’d like to give Wattpad or something a try just so I can really work on my narration.


Stating focused.
Proof reading, planning.
Accepting that first drafts are not meant to be perfect.

It bothers me cause while I love writing, it makes me believe my story is bad cause I feel that my first draft has to be perfect


Just my vocabulary ig?

Yess alottt

Yes i read stuff :woman_playing_handball:

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Nothing. I am perfect in absolutely EVERY way.
Jokes aside, my main weakness is definitely grammar, unfortunately. I could definitely list way more, though. This is just the first one that came to mind.

They do. I use Grammarly to help. However, that can be difficult too. And I wish I could describe things better than how I do now.

I once wrote down the 16 rules of how commas work (I still definitely misuse them but, it did help actually learning them. And also, screw them for having 16 rules) However, I do try to spot my mistakes to fix them.

Additionally, my planning is relatively non-existent XD

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Phrasing and grammar.

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I can’t plan. I can’t write. I can’t make a enjoyable scene. I can’t describe, I can’t make you imagine things.

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