What Character Archetypes or Characteristics do you Gravitate Towards?

If we look carefully at all of the characters we make, any of us, no matter how different and unique our characters are, can find trends in our characters. Certain archetypes, or simply just certain characteristics can be common. That’s not to say they may be included in all of our characters, but there are certain qualities we each gravitate toward in our characters.

So as the title says, what character archetypes or characteristics do you gravitate towards?



I usually make “good” girls and “bad” guys or just characters that really outgoing and not like me because it’s easier to interact with other characters that way!
I also think I gravitate towards really girly girls and almost egoistic guys.


Mean or moody characters, because I’m usually mean and moody so it’s easier to interact with people as those characters if you know exactly how a person like that would react

Damn now that I think about it you actually do I never noticed that😂


I also didn’t notice that, I was thinking about it because of this and :anguished:


I usually make characters very similar to me, so my personality traits.

I like making sassy or moody characters the most.