What characters are most/least like you?

Which characters are most and least like you?

Have you ever intentionally made a character like you? Or have you made one the complete opposite of you? Which characters were they?

Are there any characters that aren’t yours that you think are like yourself?


I’ve never made a character who was intentionally the complete opposite of me, but I did base a few on myself.
They’re easier to rp because I know what I’d do in the situation

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Me too. It’d be hard for me to make a character the complete opposite of me

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I tend to add some sort of element of myself into any and all of my characters, Mainly for fun or plot. I’ve also made characters who are a complete 180 from me. And it can be sorta difficult, For the most part it’s wonderful and brings a lot more story opportunities.

Opposite of me would probably be Lyonrad :thinking: and most like me might be Sigurd or Tala?

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