What comes to mind when you hear the term "video games"?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “video games”? :thinking::rose::two_hearts:

For me, it’s an Xbox controller. :video_game::rose::two_hearts:


Untillll Daaawwwnnnnn. Unnnttilll Daawwwnn.

I mostly think my favorite games whenever I hear the term “video games”, GTA, Mirror’s edge, C.O.D and Unnnttiilll dddaaawwn.

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Games that are mostly played on a console, like X-Box, Nintendo, or PlayStation.
Mario Bros
Call of Duty

Although a lot of them can also be played on a PC.


Josh… I had my ship with him and sam

Well it reminds me of my life cuz I only play video and also videos game like

Man of Medan
Detroit become human
Beyond two souls
Heavy rain
Until dawn
Little Misfortune
The last of us
The sims 3
The wolf among us
The walking dead
Goat simulator
Life is strange
Life is Strange: Before the storm
Life is Strange 2

and etc…


COD for sure.

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The Sims 4 (?)

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Nintendo DS or Mario Bros

One of my friends who likes gaming :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

Hmm… although I know what the term video games actually represents and what is grouped under this title, for some reason I always picture the same thing. Every time I think about video games, my mind goes to the old America arcades that you see in films such as Big.

I think about a lot of first person shooter games, since they tend to be what a lot of people are referring to when they say “video games.”

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Old arcade/console games

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I think of every video game ever mushed into one image in my Elbrain