What do you commonly dream about?


what are some elements or images/things/people you tend to see or experience consistently or commonly in your different dreams? :thinking:

For me I am constantly having dreams of dying and floating in space. And last night I actually had a dream that when I was dying the universe collapsed, basically the reversed big bang occured in front of my eyes and I then lost consciousness (died), waking up soon after.


Once, I had a dream where Pete Wentz was in my high school library.

Most of my dreams are weird. It includes people I know in real life, but we’re in a different universe of some sort. What makes them cool is that all of them are either lucid/extremely vivid.

All of the dreams that I have are unexpecting and usually weird and I forget the main idea of what that dream was about but remember some small aspects of my dream. But there was this one dream that I had when I was 5 (don’t remember the exact age but it was around that age), and it showed a guy, don’t really know who but it made me feel very creeped out. Fast forward to when I was 11, I was talking to this stranger who was an 18 or 19 year old man online on a social media app and he sort of sexualized my body by saying that my body was hot. Keep in mind that I never showed off my body. I was wearing appropriate clothes, idk why I talked to him, I was stupid at that time lol. I felt very creeped out by this man and I saw his face as well. I felt like I’ve seen that face before from that dream that I had and he gave me back the creepy vibes that I experienced in that dream.

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Something about cafes idk…

Most of my dreams involve people I know in random situations, but sometimes they are very tied-into real life.
I haven’t had a vivid dream since last week… maybe it’s because I’ve been too tired and burned out from work lately.

Mostly weird situations. Sometimes (a lot of times actually) they portray these fantastical or scifi stories. I’m often inspired by my dreams and put aspects of them into my own writing (if I’m not just making a story about a certain dream)

literally anything scary

My friends (mostly forums) tend to show up in my dreams
Also brunch :thinking: idk why i don’t even do brunch

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Mostly real-life situations in real-life settings

Like the other night I dreamed that someone said someone was coming back to the forums in the staff chat and then I leaked it in the 1 mil replies thread and then the all-seeing El saw and then like suspended me from the forums but it said you have been warned or something anyway

And another night I dreamed that I was back in my all-girls school, visiting or whatever, and I used their bathroom, and then the flusher was on the sink drain and it was one of those flushers that had like different water flow buttons. Anyway so I tapped the bigger water flow because well lol but then the poop went from the toilet up into the sink- it was disgusting. And it had like acid on it and then water gets started squirting to wash it down I guess I don’t even know

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Weird things, like YouTubers in my house, me in a Disney character’s house, going on a :joy: vacation in my house

Hm good question, probably dreams like Alice in wonderland :pensive:

El is so all seeing that she only just saw this :joy: dang you and Hanna have dreamt of me firing/suspending you

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I totally forgot about that dream until now-
omgosh I woke up so anxious that day :’)

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I dream about literally everything to be honest. Nothings common though. All new and interesting.

Boop :eyes:

My dreams tend to be very weird and random lol
The good or weird dreams usually consist of exploring places alone or at school with friends (or just hanging out with them in general). Sometimes I even dreamt myself shopping (alone or with someone else) which make sense cuz it’s been a while since I go out due to the pandemic. And yes dreaming about my crush is the best dream I ever had but it’s only good till you already get over him. It’s cringy as u think about it.

Sigh the bad ones tho-
Idk why I kept dreaming about elevators (especially when the whole thing fell and I can feel myself floating and hit the ground), exploring abandoned buildings and parking lots with creepy murals ALONE-
Or even dreaming someone passed away even if they’re still alive irl or seeing myself naked. The crush dream can also be a nightmare sometimes because it triggers me some memories that I was supposed to be forgotten.

Boop again :eyes:

I’m bored so here’s my dreams in different categories (and a little bit of updates)

  1. The good/happy ones:
    The rarest dream I have. It sometimes involves romance, whether it is just holding hands or kissing me on the cheek. (Hopeless romantic much?) Sometimes it can be about me hanging around with friends (because I miss them), or just in school, or even meeting friends whose it’s been a long time since I met them. Also I’ll be so happy if I dreamed about animals uwu
  1. The random and/or funny/weird ones:
    The dream is like you turn on a random generator and it gives you the most random stuff you ever have. It’s always me in a random place with random buildings with random people with random stuffs doing random things. I always say “idk why” or “somehow there’s a” whenever I describe it to my friends. Yes I dreamt myself naked and losing my teeth a few times before lol. I also dreamt about me in fandoms based on what fandom am I in right now (bonus points if I saw my favourite characters XDD)

  2. The neutral ones:
    The most type of dream I have. It consists of me exploring public places alone (sometimes with my dad or friends) such as the city (which I never been to before but it looks like the NYC) or the shopping mall (mostly bookstores and accessory stores) or the forest (I love nature). Sometimes I dream about the exact same place more than once. It feels like wherever the place I dreamt is a alternate universe of where I live XD

  3. The thriller ones:
    Basically this type of dream is kinda creepy but not scary enough to become a nightmare. It usually involves me running frantically from a place to another (god knows why and what am I being chased of and holy f how do I have that much energy and stamina-) Sometimes I dreamt myself riding a motorcycle and get crashed or seeing myself standing or holding on to something really high from the ground (that freaks me out because I have acrophobia).

  4. Nightmares:
    Idk why I got this type of dream lately. Speaking of nightmares I tend to dream about (falling) elevators a lot. The third type of dream can be a nightmare if the place that I explore is abandoned buildings with empty, silent hallways with creepy murals and limited sight (which is ironic cause I always wish to trespassing if it was legal). I even dreamt about knowing someone or even my close friends [Trigger warning👉] passed away (or committing suicide in front of me, based on the most recent nightmare I have)

Sometimes the types of dreams can be mashed together (like the first one combined with the second one) and I tend to lucid dreaming too lol

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