What do you like to do to prepare yourself for writing?

I never really prepare something for when I want to write, I just start writing right away. Maybe that’s why I get unmotivated easily or just stare at an empty sheet for hours? :thinking: I guess trying some new stuff could help, but I need some ideas!

So, what do you like to do to prepare yourself for writing?

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At first, I was like… people prepare?
But then I’m like: Oh! I do that.
I’m very on and off with writing, especially actual written stories that aren’t Episode. (Episode I kind of just bounce back and forth with no particular order on things thinking I’m gonna get a story done but in reality, I’m just repeatedly re-writing).
So I guess the preparing I do is letting ideas circulate around in my head for a while about what I want to write. First I think what vibe I wanna go for and whenever I get an idea I’m like, “Okay this idea is cool, could i incorporate it with this possible project?” Sometimes it’s no and I realize that the idea was so bad. Sometimes it’s good and I go from there.
Or sometimes I just go along with a bad idea and then get bored of the piece (usually a sign that it’s bad) and come back to it months later and re-write it but good.
I like to listen to music in the car and usually that’s when I think about cool stuff and cool ideas. Also at night is when I get good ideas as well. Sometimes when I hear something that kinda matches a vibe of a particular project I’m going for, I take a mental note of it.

So yeah, even tho I’d call myself a pantser I do a ton of mental planning.

After all that when I’ve found a good idea that I want to work with and that I’m confident on I start writing. I have a bunch of playlists on youtube of music that I write too as well, and I always save things that look interesting/inspiring, either the actual music or from the title or cover.

But aside from that I don’t really know if this is how I write good stuff because most of the time when I’m writing it’s random stuff for an Episode story that I’m probably never gonna publish. I do think ideas through with Episode but it’s always just constant re-writing because I change my mind about things or something is flawed so I have to start over (or I can’t physically write/move the story or scene along). I’ve tried actually planning a story out but that never worked and it was more detrimental when I did that because I’d try to follow the plan and end up changing my mind.

TLDR: I’m very all over the place with writing and I honestly don’t have a clear grasp on how I prepare, except for the constant brainstorming.


listen to music

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For me it’s all in the head.

So whenever I need to get geek to write I’ll go on a walk. This way I can kinda brainstorm in my head while also getting myself eager. I come up with some great ideas while just walking. Then I go back inside and instantly get on my computer to save the ideas or start writing.

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