What do you look for in a restaurant?

In a restaurant typically I don’t just look for food, I look for lighting which isn’t invasive and typically I prefer when it’s quiet to there being alot of music or alot of talking. Obviously I like talking to the people on the table though :joy:

@Foodies what do you look for?



And it has to edible and yummy.


Pasta. If they don’t serve pasta I don’t go


Food, obviously, 100%! If the food is good, I will definitely go eat there. Price matters, too, but if it’s too expensive, I’d probably only eat there during very special occasions. Location and parking is important. I don’t want to go to a restaurant where I can’t even park my car there nor anywhere nearby nor is there the option of valet parking (because I suck at parking). I might just order the food off a delivery app if it’s that good. Location is important because I don’t really like going to a restaurant that’s way too far away from my house, unless I’m going with other people.

Ability to read the menu, food and lighting.

As long as they have the kind of food I like and it looks good, I’m happy :smile_cat:

@Foodies What about you?