What do you love the most about Wattpad?

I’ve never used Wattpad, but I’m very curious about this. I think one of the nice features about it is the large audience that Wattpad has, which can make it easier for your story to be found than if you just tried self-publishing it somewhere.


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I think the universal reply will be: My friends :slight_smile: WattPad is one of those sites that suck but let you build friendships that will last for years!

Otherwise - strange as it may sound - it’s the best place for full-fledged novels. It doesn’t have chapter character limit (like Tapas), doesn’t enforce an insane update speed (like RoyalRoad Lite), it has a solid reader base (unlike FictionPress) and it’s not a beggar-infested brown dwarf (like Figment). It’s far from perfect but it gives you a chance for a modest success.

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