What do you think about my story idea?

Hey people, I’ve been recently writing a story about a girl who is trying to learn to love herself, and I want your opinions on the idea and also struggling to decide on how many episodes I should have for the story, so yeah :smile::smile:.


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I like the idea of a girl learning to love herself. There aren’t many stories that focus on this; usually they focus on the relationships with the main character and other characters.
As for the number of episodes, that’s a hard one for me. I can never calculate how many episodes to write because it depends on how the story flows. For my previous story, I calculated 20 episodes but ended up finishing it at 11. Maybe make an outline of what you’d like to happen in each episode (the basics), and see how many episodes it takes in order to fulfill the purpose of the story.


Thank you so much! I appreciate your reply!
At first, I was thinking around having 30 episodes for the story, but I realised that would be too long, so I’m now thinking about having 20 episodes because of the story line :smile::smile:.


I think that this is an interesting idea! The number of episodes really depends on what you want to do, how much character growth you need, and how much is going to interfere with that… I recommend planning episodes out vaguely, but it’s a bit hard to do that accurately.

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This could make an amazing story, but it’d require quite a bit of profiling :slight_smile: I think the core question is, why doesn’t the girl love herself? What needs to happen so that she does? And finally, how can it happen?

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