What do you think of influencer doctors on social media?

They can be pretty rad provided they don’t spread any kind of misinformation. Fortunately I’ve seen many of them do the opposite and debunk health myths especially in relation to the covid vaccine.

There’s this one plastic surgeon who often says that whenever someone comes in there and says they want breast implants because their boyfriend told them to that he’d happily put the implants in their boyfriend if he wants them so badly :joy:

@Health what do you guys think?


I agree. As long as they are not spreading any false information it’s really really really cool

Omg, is it Dr. Youn? :joy:
I’ve seen him on YouTube…

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Yup! It’s him :joy:

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Ahh, I love that guy!

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The ones who debunk controversy are great and super funny.

Alright guys, so we’re going to be reviewing this video to see if it’s facts, or cap :billed_cap:


this guy

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I follow so many doctors on YouTube even tho I don’t wanna become a doctor haha