What do you think of reddit?

What do you think of reddit? Do you use it?

Personally I have it lmao but I don’t use it much.

It’s good for some things but also it’s a part of the internet so with the good there’s always the bad. I mostly use it to see what people who are into the things I’m into were posting and that stuff was mostly fine but like I say, good and bad.

I’m on Reddit, and I participate actively on the Episode sub and the Post Malone sub. Although I do enjoy the discussions and posts on both subs, there have been a few instances of people being very rude and disrespectful (though not as bad as other subreddits), and sometimes you can get downvoted just because people don’t agree with your opinion. I seriously hate the downvoting part.


The downvoting is annoying at times. So are the racists, but I generally like it there.


I read it already

i only go on there for Ralsei reddit XD but that subreddit is pretty nice so overall positive opinion

Nope I don’t use Reddit but I do look at it especially when it comes to gta5 help.

I enjoy watching Reddit videos.

I’m starting to get really annoyed at a lot of people on the Post Malone sub on Reddit, because they always complain about his new music and say they want him to go back to “his roots” per Stoney, his first album, as if he were some kind of indie artist, and as if his first album was so much better than the third one. Yeah, there are some great songs on it, but as a whole, Hollywood’s Bleeding is wayyyyyyyy more diverse. And anyone who dislikes Hollywood’s Bleeding is no friend of mine because I will always defend my favorite album. :yellow_heart: Rant over.

I hated it the first time I went on it.

I didn’t know how it worked at first, so I was just goofing around. I made a thread about what Smash fans would think a character’s (in the game) favorite song would be, and I got some pretty mean comments.

The first one was like " W H A T" as if I asked about p**n or something :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The second one was like “Idk, these characters aren’t real.” (Like duh, I know that, but what’s wrong with using your imagination?!)

And the third one, I didn’t even understand what it meant. It said, “This is Undertale level of autism here.” Now with me having autism and the way that comment was written, I got offended.

I mean, all I wanted to know was what they thought a certain Smash Ultimate character’s favorite song would be (I thought Lucina’s favorite song could be Unwritten, since she appears from the future in Fire Emblem Awakening)—just a fun little chat about our imaginations! Why did I have to get insulted and downvoted a couple times for it?! :pensive:

I’ve heard how toxic Reddit can be, but I didn’t know people were that big of a-holes! :angry:

I ended up deleting that entire thread and deleting the app because I didn’t want to experience that again.

Idk if anyone would be interested if I ever created a thread like that again. And P.S., I only asked that question since I don’t know that many songs that would suit the Smash characters (thanks to my music taste) except for 2 of the characters. Again, just a fun thing!

I don’t mind it, but then again I haven’t been attacked (yet). I mostly just comment on posts, upvote funny posts and post memes.

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It’s cursed

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