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Considering I made a bunch of promotional memes to attract my friends to this place I’d say this place is certifiably awesome. I wouldn’t recommend something I didn’t like. Pffft I probably wouldn’t use something I didn’t like. Keep up the good work everybody, y’all are awesome!


This forum is literally a breath of fresh air compared to the episode forums. I no longer feel suffocated and like I’m walking on eggshells unlike the episode forums. Thank you Shannii for creating it.


This place is amazing. I would’t use if if I didn’t enjoy it! Keep it up @ShanniiWrites and @ChaoticDeluge! Love y’all @ForumStaff


It’s famazing.

F***ing amazing. :sunglasses:


Definitely thousand times better than the Episode Forum.


Love you back girl!

I couldn’t agree more. Finally somewhere I don’t have to think five times before posting something. :relieved:


Or just delete the message altogether and apologise profusively to anybody who had to witness that even though it wasn’t in any way offensive


I know literally no one asked for this but I need to praise this forum real quick:

  • The Overall Atmosphere - These forums are refreshing compared to the other forums I’ve been on. Wattpad comes across as clique-ish sometimes, as in you can only engage with people unless you’re in a group of some kind. On Episode the atmosphere is only positive if everyone’s in agreement with one another but that isn’t sustainable. On here, it just feels natural. Everyone’s chill.

  • The Threads - There’s a huge variety of threads on here! There’s always new and interesting ones and the threads don’t die as easily compared to Episode and Wattpad.

  • The Categories - I like how there are loads of categories. Not much to say I just like it.

  • The Discussion - The discussions on here feel meaningful. You leave the threads understanding the other person instead of having each other muted, getting 3 flags and the thread closed down. There’s no hostility between others even after heated debates which I find refreshing especially in comparison to Wattpad.

Criticisms - I only have 2 criticisms but I don’t think they are that deep.:

1). I feel like we’re (to some extent) copying the same patterns on Episode that we complain about. I’m guilty of this too! I only indirect people if I’m unable to talk to them e.g. the thread is closed but I’ve noticed some people use Anonymous Confessions to call out people when they’re capable of PMing or disagreeing with them on the thread. We can’t call others on here “horrible” and “nasty” for talking about other people behind their back, whilst calling people “horrible” and “nasty” behind said person’s back (especially through anonymous messaging). We need to do better guys.

2). On Wattpad there are these “events” where you follow links to different threads to unlock special badges and titles. I was thinking we could do something similar on here for Halloween or something for fun!


Hey, you’re allowed to speak your mind, you know. It answers the question that I asked.:blush:


My opinion:

Well, I think the forum is a good place where I personally can feel free to state my opinions without being flagged for it. Well, not every topic interests me, but when it’s possible to discuss things and try to see things from the other’s point of view, I think it’s something needed.

I have a small criticism - when encouraging criticism, be careful when saying “we encourage criticism” and giving this opportunity, since people may take it too far and start insulting other people.
It’s a good thing that you allow people criticising, but a red line should be put when it comes to criticising.
As @itsjenn_a said:

If already criticise, then people here can criticise ideas, not people.

So, be careful when giving the free speech opportunity here, because you can never know what may happen if it’s taken too far and crosses the lines.

But even though, the place is not bad at all. Thank you for inviting me, @ShanniiWrites :blush:


Thank you all for the feedback! Unfortunately I can’t reply to you all at once right now (I’m on my phone) but I love that you love the forums. I wanna let you know that we are absolutely going to take all of the criticism and requests on board and see what we can do about it! No suggestion is a stupid suggestion!

So in light of that, around the same time we hit 250 users, I’m going to be putting together a giant group chat. Anyone is welcome! And there, well set a date and time where we can discuss the future of the forums. :heart: If I have the ability to implement an addition, I will!


Yes. This is a free forum!

Me, Coco and Eleanor are all promoting together :heart:

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Omg once another rper told me off because I made a Maori character but they didn’t look Maori, even though I specifically stated in the biography that they took after they’re not Maori parent :unamused: and my stuff got flagged as insensitive.


I dislike it because Shannii still hasn’t added the plug in for rollercoasters and rides.

I’m waiting Shannii!!

No—in all seriousness, I love the forums. Yeah, I can’t be on much anymore, but it’s still a great community and I really hope it continues to grow at the rate it has been.


Much more helpful! It doesn’t feel as bloated or problematic. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I think I saw that on a certain thread.

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Oh? Would you mind telling me where?

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Oh? Who was it?

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The Fairytale-d thread?

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