What does horror mean to you?

What does horror mean to you? To me, horror is anything that can unnerve, frighten, or anything that just makes the skin crawl. Serial killers, for example. :)


Well… any movie that was designed to scare you. The thing with “horror” movies is that it’s almost as though they appear to be scary at first but after you look at it for a second and think about what’s going on it means nothing… like the second Truth or Dare was just so stupid to me.
But what I horror means to me is anything that actually freaks me out. Like, gives me nightmares.


Yeah, exactly. I don’t get nightmares, though. Lol.

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I just stare at my door, trying to convince myself that it’s just a movie until I pass out
I don’t get nightmares till two weeks later

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I haven’t had nightmares in…I don’t know how long. I think I scare them away.

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jumpscares and anything regarding time and eternity
nope stay away XD

Well, I so use to watching horror shows that they don’t mess with me much but I do have three shows that count as horror for me because they play off of my phobias I have. Horror films that play off the mind are the scariest ones because it’s more on the portrayal of your actual fear making you believe what you see. I’ve watched horror movies since I was 9-10 years old. Monster flicks don’t really count as horror to me either. They are just flat out comical.

Eight Legged Freaks - I wished I never watched that movie ever.

Lights Out - I’m highly afraid of the dark. So, that movie really counted as horror for me.

The Ring Series - That series is my most hated horror franchise that I can’t stand at all. I had actual nightmares from those shows.

Oh bonus one just because it’s a Stephen King book to movie:

Rose Red - that show really struck me at the core. It was a psychological horror movie. I actually tried to watch it again at an older point in life an I had to turn it off in the first 20-30 minutes.


I do have said that a horror show i seen a tv like the walking dead, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and secret of sulphur springs. But there real horror in state that will gets really scary. Like I been to one of the park that is haunted by 49 pirates soul of Blackbeard crew.

To me, horror means cool sht .

Something that makes you scared to go to sleep at night or uneasy.