What does your shopping process look like?

I don’t really have a “shopping process”. I never shop online, I like to go to the mall but sometimes I’d visit sites of my favourite shops just so I can see what I might find!
Sometimes I know why I’m going to the mall, I want to but this one specific thing and sometimes I just like to walk around and explore. Nothing that special!

  • What does your shopping process look like?

Look until I find something.

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Nothing really-


I go into every store I like at the mall then I’ll look in the store at clothes that are cute look at the price and say “ew no.” Then by the time I’m done I’ve said “ew no” to all clothes bc of their price. THEN I go back into every store again look at the same cute clothes and buy all of the ones I wanted. Then I leave the mall broke asf :hot_face:

Online I just scroll and scroll and scroll and save and save and save until I have finally made up my mind of clothes and stuff I want that fit into my budget :sparkles:

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I hardly shop these days but If I want some clothes or shoes, I have certain stores I go to which sells clothing and shoes at reasonable prices and their clothes are pretty rad.
I only shop for clothes I need and I know I will wear because I bought clothes already that I don’t wear and they’re just there in my cupboard :sweat_smile: I don’t wanna give them away because they’re pretty nice but they are just oversized for me :weary::smile_cat:

What about you? @Discussions

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I mostly just shop for hygiene products these days. I’m mostly investing them on skincare products.

Sometimes, I also buy stuff online because they’re cheaper and there are certain products on online stores that aren’t available at malls.

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Shopping? What’s that and why do it?

I usually have an idea of exactly what I want before I go to the store, but sometimes that item isn’t sold anywhere, so I end up going to a bunch of stores to look for something that they don’t even have or is just an idea in my head.