What Draws Someone to an SG

Alongside RPs, there is the at times forgotten SGs. Why do we all come to the Roleplay section, for the RPs, but what about the SGs? There are many of us who love an SG as much as an RP, but rarely get to partake in an SG.

  • Do you like SGs as much as RPs?
  • Have you ever been in an SG, or would you like to be in one?
  • Have you written, or wanted to write an SG?
  • What draws you to an SG?
  • What makes you think against joining one?
  • Do you have any ideas for SGs that you either want to make, or would like to see someone else make?



I haven’t but they seem interesting and I think being in one could be cool.

I have not, but I don’t have anything against it–I’m a lot less comfortable with how they work, though.
(I’m also starting to suspect these questions were written by @CrazyCaliope cause I swear she asks this every weekly questions thread)

Interesting plots!

They don’t seem like they’ll be interesting, or a bad author.

Murder mystery or escape room could be run.

  • I’ve never participated in one
  • Never, but sure I want to join one.
  • I want to participate one

i feel so dumb but question, could you define what an SG is to me


I haven’t been in a SG ever but I would love to try it and am open to the idea if anyone wants to tag me in any up coming SGs


Haha! Nope, these were written by me! Her asking about them in each weekly question thread did give me the idea though. I was just thinking about how SGs haven’t had much posted about them, and I like a good SG as much as any RP.


Answers to questions:

  • I actually love SGs more but I just need to find my motivation for writing again. I’m hoping that it with my break that I’m on. (fingers crossed)
  • YES! HAHA. I think everyone knows that I love them.
  • HAHA! Yup. I’m still proud of being the only one in the community to finish an SG. HEHE.
  • I love the challenge of creating the story myself while also finding it easier than running an RP.
  • I’m not against them at all.
  • YES! Plenty. And I want to start a few this year… maybe I should only focus on my SGs this year and NOT join anymore RPs. Ha.

BAHAHAHAHA! They’re actually not. However, it has just overwhelmed me with joy that Brooke started this thread. I am a very happy Caliope right now! HEHEHE. Though Brooke knows that I am the RPer in this community who possibly loves SGs the most. (wink)

HEHEHEHE! You’re sooo cute and THANK YOU for this. You’re amazing! We don’t have enough about them and I’m really excited to see this. Thank you soooo much, beautiful!


Answering mine while I’m at it.

Yes I do! I love both so much!

I have been in multiple. There are also quite a few I’ve signed up for which never started.

I have never written one, but I do want to for sure.

The plot idea mainly.

If the creator is known for being flakey, I’m less likely to sign up, though if the idea interests me I likely still will.

Ive got a couple in mind that I’ve thought to make.

For an SG you sign up like an RP, but instead of you RPing as your own character, the creator writes as all of the characters. The creator will write a chapter or two, then ask questions for the owners of the characters to answer. You have to be really detailed in your signups since the SG creator is writing the posts and not you.
Check out this guide for a more detailed description.

Yeah this is a thread everyone would expect you to make. I just felt the need to contribute. Figured I’d make this one before going to sleep, then make another thread I had in mind later tomorrow (well, today since its nearly 3am)

Ooooooooooooooh Yay!

Possibly? More like, you definitely love them the most! I probably like them second most since most RPers here haven’t been in them or just prefer RPs much more.

:innocent: :nerd_face: Of course, I had to.

We really don’t. I thought this might help some more people gain interest in some SGs and hopefully that would mean that some would start.


Fair enough. I was wondering if you were going to answer the questions as well.

This saddens me, even when the same has happened to me.

Oooh… Really? I’m excited again!

Care to share?

HA. It totally is. … Aww, that’s too sweet and keep up the good work. HEHE. Oooh… another thread? I’m intrigued.
Go to sleep, silly.


BAHAHAHA! We probably are then. YAY us?

(fingers crossed)

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I just hadn’t been certain whether to answer tonight, or after I woke up.

Its always sad when that happens…

I remember there were a couple I had posted on the new ideas thread on the Episode forums but never opened signups. I still want to try my hand at making one. It could be a complete flop, but I feel like I’ve increased my skill enough where I would have a chance at success.

The ones I had on the new ideas thread before, and am still think about, are the one with writers at a conference having their story characters come to life. The other was the High School Reunion mystery type one.
Currently I’ve been thinking on trying again to make a Survivor SG like I planed to do after the RP I made had failed.

Gotta give some attention to SGs when possible.

Similar to the neurodivergency in RPs thread, but instead of a focus on the mental side of things, a thread focused on physical ailments (sickness, injuries, disabilities, Etc.)

Or a thread for the things that RPers feel proud of with their characters/RPs. (Like a very long bio or a character unique to what they are used to.)

After this reply, so to sleep I go.


It is, it is.

Oooh… Yes, yes, I reckon you should do it, you should, you should.

I think I remember the conference one… Well, if you ever need help, I’m always happy to lend a hand. (wink) ESPECIALLY for SGs. HEHE.

Oooh… I remember this one. I was actually really looking for to this one.

Oooh… I love both of these. HEHEHE. You’re doing wonders for our forum. Just wondering… are you interested in being a staff member when applications are next up. If so, are you part of the @/ShanniisHelpers (I mean, @/StaffHopefuls, my bad) tag?

Good. (wink)




Hopefully this summer. Maybe I’ll try to open signups for one after Castaways starts.

Yeah, when I try making I’ll probably look to you for some feedback and advice on SGs.

Im working on planning stuff out for it. I’ve got a very rough outline for what the posts would include.

I try to do my part. Yeah, I’m interested in applying next time applications are up. I planned to apply last time, but that week I was in trouble in real life and not allowed to be on the forums, so I did not get to apply. And no, I’m not part of that tag.


Sounds good. Just don’t push yourself. (wink)


Yeah, I remembered you saying that. Cool. … Oh wait, my bad, wrong tag…
That’s the tag, sorry. Ignore the other. … Well, joining this tag will show us who is keen and who has really been doing what they can for forums, which includes takes that are very similar, if not the same as staff tasks. (wink)


Oh yeah, I am in that tag.


#story_game and #discussion tags added! :blush:

SGs can be done with many different genres and plots, however there still aren’t many made.

What types of SGs would people be interested in seeing?


The ones that I’ve seen to be pretty popular were the ones with a murder mystery vibe, escape Room vibes, or where you have hidden roles like the mafia game or werewolves.


Honestly, I’m still not 100% sure what an SG is :joy:


SGs really can be fun, and they don’t require you to be anywhere near as active as for an RP. (Well, unless you create the sg)