What Episode story do you think the majority has read?

I think it would be the Ink version of Chain Reaction, it has like 80M reads on the app :thinking:
And if we’re talking about Limelight, any trending mafia story :star_struck:

What do you think, @Episodians?


How far back are we talking? 'Cause I remember Mette whatever-her-surname-is was pretty popular. You know, the Teacher one and Femme Fatale.

Never read it. Don’t care to.

Probably the Demi Lovato ink story? :sweat_smile:

@Episodians Any other ideas?

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Yes. I liked it.

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I’m guessing The New Girl if you consider the ones that have been around for years (even though I could never finish it, it just wasn’t to my liking), but something a bit more modern - maybe Eat Me Up or The Dragon Bride? :thinking:

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Oh yeah. I know those.

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omg yes defo The New Girls

Shaw Brothers was MASSIVE


Mean Girls.

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I’ve heard of that.

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Can’t name one specifically, but definitely mafia stories.