What features do you most want Wattpad to implement?

I’m just getting started with writing something on Wattpad, but the main reason it took me so long to actually write something over there is the lack of visuals. It would be nice if they could have a Writer’s Portal where you could design characters like on Episode.

What do you think?

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It would be cool to have a features when you create a story that you could add people that are allowed to write in it (chapters, title…)

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I agree that would be helpful.

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Maybe a like button on comments.

but wattpad is not an episode, its wattpad, a writhing platform, it will never be like episode, episode is a one of a kind. if you wanna make stuff like episode with out episode, put money into a visual novelle and sell that on steam.

Wattpad is for writhing, actual book writing. you can pictures if you want, so draw them, or like most people steal them from Pinterest.

I know.
But not everyone has the artistic ability to draw their characters or settings the way they envision them. Nor does everyone have the coding ability to be able to create their own app nor visual storytelling platform. If more people did have the money and the artistic ability to create a visual novel, then Episode would have some REAL competition right now. Choices is not competition because it’s not cinematic and there’s no writer’s portal. Chapters and all the other similar apps aren’t real competition either because they do not have cinematic features.

Basically, I’m using faceclaims, moodboards, and backgrounds. I was just saying that character design would be a nice feature so that people who do not have artistic skills nor the money to pay an artist could design characters the way they want them to look and put them in their stories.

like you say people dont have money for it themself, think for a moment, why would wattpad, wanna throw money into it?, when its not what they are doing,

what you are asking is basically to go into a sandwich, and say hey it would be really cool if you had sushi, but this is not a sushi bar, its a sandwich shop

also for charatere design, wattpad is for authos, a author dont need pictures, they describe there charaters in there story, how often do you buy a book with pictures?

Many Wattpad authors use faceclaims.
And books with illustrations do exist.

I think I need to leave this conversation, I pulling an all nighter because of unus annus. and I can see my lack of sleep makes me write in a bit of angry thone. and my intensions isn’t to start a fight

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It’s okay; I understand… it happens to me when I’m stressed or tired as well.
Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh. :sunflower: :sunflower:

It’s true that traditional books usually don’t have images.
However, before online writing platforms were as popular as they are now, people used to write stories called ‘foronovelas’ on actual forums. They were supposed to be similar to telenovelas, but text-based.
At first, people would only upload a cover with actors as faceclaims, and sometimes they would put pictures of the characters they envisioned in a post to introduce the cast and characters.
Later, people began making videos of their casts and including backgrounds of the way they envisioned their characters’ houses and outfits.
So, since Wattpad is an online writing platform that does allow users to upload images, I guess I got the idea of the visuals from the foronovelas, and thought that people could create digital characters instead of using actors or models as faceclaims.

Having more support for visual features would definitely be a cool feature for Wattpad to implement

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I prefer some choices available like episode?

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Being able to add footnotes or something similar.
Because even though I write in English, the characters in my current story are all Mexicans living in a small town in Mexico, and sometimes I need to explain certain phrases in Spanish, expressions, or traditional dishes/customs. Footnotes would really be helpful in this case.

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@WattpadWizards Are there any features missing from Wattpad? :thinking:

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Um… not too sure 'cause I’m missing from Wattpad. HA.

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A better payment system for writers :joy:

@Writers Any other ideas?