What food do you hate but still have to eat it?

Meat… :confounded:
I’m sorry but to me, meat doesn’t taste good at all, I absolutely hate it!!! I still have to eat it because I need protein.

  • What food do you hate but still have to eat it?


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Vegetables :slightly_smiling_face:


Food :eyes:

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You can get protein from other food sources though…
Like for instance nuts or soya foods or maybe tofu unless you don’t eat those either lol

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I do but I train so I need a lot, a lot of protein

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Or well that explains it… I understand :100:

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Broccoli. Ew, just why-

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dal rice lmao

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I don’t eat things I hate… however, there are some foods that I’m not all that crazy about that I eat because they are healthy. I don’t hate them, though.

Meat, same

Vegetables :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh yeah, and oats.


I love meat! But there is this kind of meat I am sometimes forced to eat :sob: it is so hard and it is barely meat :unamused:

And I guess Broccoli too.

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I don’t eat foods that I don’t like :eyes:

Brussels sprouts.

Oats but still not gonna force myself to eat it.