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What game are you most looking forward to being released in 2022?

There are quite a lot of games coming out next year! I just had a quick look through and I found out that there is a whole list :smiley: Bayonetta 3 definitely interests me but we don’t have an exact release date, same with breath of the wild 2.

@Gamers what are you hyped for?


Pokemon Legends Arceus.

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Hogwarts legacy, been following it for a while and as a potterhead I’m pretty excited it’s finally coming out relatively soon!
Hopefully paralives, it’s not announced yet when it gets released, but I’ve been a massive sims fan for a long time, and this game seems awesome. Can’t believe how much the small team is doing. Also, it’s been in development for a long time and seems fairly close to finished at this point. So I do expect beta testing to happen in 2022.


Bayo 3, FF16 :thinking:

What are videogames again… All I know is Elden Ring…

I won’t be able to play it but I bet it’ll be rad

Pushed back to 2023 my dudes :sunglasses:

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Did you see the trailer that showed how all of the houses look?

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I haven’t yet, but I’ll check it out for sure!

It looks so good! I’m actually kinda glad it’s coming to Nintendo Switch

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Oooh, yeah, just checked it out and they are super pretty. Especially love the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw rooms, they look exactly like how I would imagine them. I also do like they didn’t just go with the movie designs for Griffindor and Slytherin! Either way, I’m excited for this game, probably will have to play it on PC once it gets released, as that’s the only device I own on which it can be played…

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Call of duty warzone mobile coming out soon but September 15 when we all might see the trailer.