What Genre Do You Find the Hardest to Write?

For me, it would have to be comedy. I’d have said horror, but just haven’t got the comic timing/tone to pull off a comedy story! It’s actually an issue with the skill.

Whereas with horror, I can develop a great scary style but I just struggle to find any ideas that haven’t been written yet. I have the skill, but not the inspiration.

What about you? What genre do you find hardest to write and why?


God, comedy for me as well for sure. It’s the timing and the ideas, like. It’s nerve racking! Trying to be funny is Terrifying when you think you aren’t. That your joke hasn’t landed or it isn’t very good

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Fantasy. I’ve started writing recently, and even though I love reading fantasy, it’s so hard to write. :sob: I guess I’m more realistic-fiction. :gift_heart:

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Oddly enough …Mystery and romance and comedy. With mystery it’s hard for me to come up with more mysterious things without it just becoming a drama. A romance even tho I’m a lovesick person and enjoy romance it’s just harder for me to write child friendly things. And comedy people say I’m hilarious but I can’t plan to be funny like that for a book because like all the funny stuff I say are on whims.


Ooh. That’s a really good question. It’s gotta be fantasy. I’m honestly just really bad at plotting the whole fantasy type world out, and yet, I can plot a whole mystery story. It’s kind of weird when you think about it.
I’ll mention that fantasy is the genre I read a lot, but it’s not my favorite.


Horror/Thriller. I’ve never been into that genre so writing in it would just make me feel lost and would be much harder to write in.

Comedy, most definitely.

Comedy, non-fiction (even though I’m trying my best), and action.

I’m told I come off funny even when I’m not trying to. I just can’t write it unless I’m in the mood for humor. Plus, I can only write sarcastic humor in my opinion. Ugh non-fiction is the hardest for me because you still have to follow certain guidelines without going astray from the truth. I just can’t come up with a good story that is non-fiction at all. I love writing action stories but I have a hard time with action scenes. I struggle to describe the scene correctly.

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good question. I think that for me it’s romance and comedy because well I always don’t know what to do with romance and at the end just make them kiss or something like that and I have such a dark humor people won’t find that funny on episode :laughing:

Horror! Or thriller would fit for you.

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Yeah I love horror :heart: sadly sometimes I feel very restriced on the episode platform I have a lot of horror idea’s but I’m afraid that they might be to scary and it would suck to have my story deleted because of that… I do have an idea for a story of an evil Spirit that I’m just going to try and see if it will work out :skull:

Romance and Comedy. And mystery.

…I don’t find any really hard as long as I focus and study. I find Science Fiction to be complex and hard since it must make sense and be well thought out.


Sci-Fi is hard…And very complicated. So that is a good point thing.

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Romance. Everything I write always turns out so cringe-y.
I’m terrible at comedy, too. I’m just not funny.


Lies. :japanese_goblin:


Sci-Fi, probably… you’d have to do a lot of research and have a clear understanding on the topic in order to make it believable.

Also historical fiction. Many years ago, I tried writing a story set during the Mexican Revolution with fictional characters, but it got too complicated and I gave up on it.

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Research turns me off both of those genres, tbh. I completely understand you! Especially if you’re a sci-fi purist like I am: Star Wars is fantasy :blush:


I’d like to write a horror someday because of my love for it, but I think it would be too hard because it’s just not a genre where ideas pop in my head.
I’m constantly daydreaming about love stories so that’s the only genre I will probably ever write.

Also comedy… I’m not funny AT ALL!