What good things did your parents do for you? ✨

Many of us like to complain about something our parents did, but I’m sure that there are also good things they did for us.
So what are some good things your parents did for you? :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:


Uhm, helping me out financially, letting me live here again now, taking me on holidays, give me values and norms, accept me for who I am, mhh, just some of the first things I think of, might edit this list later


My mom put me in online school When I was struggling in regular school.

My mom feeds me good food :yum:

My parents have done a lot of stuff for me that I didn’t like, but they’ve definitely done a lot of good things as well! My personal favorite thing would have to be allowing me to get a cat, although that’s probably not the best thing. They’ve definitely always tried to do what they thought was best for me, helped to make sure I would get a good education, and done their best to keep me healthy, even if we disagreed on what the specifics of what those goals entailed.

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This is very accurate for me and my family too :dizzy:

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bought me food ;3

Tried their best to be good parents and make me feel loved and good. I think that’s enough :blush:

Everything :heart:

I’m sorry that you had to go through this :cry:

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My parents are just awesome.