What Happened to the 18+ Section?

I did promise an 18+ section and I will not fail to deliver.

Here at ShanniiWrites, we strive to help authors of lots of different kinds of writing.

However, at the moment, I’m just working through some stuff to check that my forums don’t violate any rules if I do add an 18+ section. Once that happens, it should all be up to scratch. For now, please keep all of your content PG13.

Happy Writing!


Is it a yay or a nay on an 18+ section? Do you think it’s a good idea? I’m sorting out the issues with Google Adsense at the moment, but would you like a closed-off place to discuss more mature stories?


I think it’s a great idea! I probably wouldn’t use it, just cuz I’m not 18+ so…but I do think that some people just wanna discuss that type of stuff and it will be great for them to have a place to discuss that


The 18+ Section is now live and it’s called the Restricted Section!

Funny story: I was waiting for ages for a way to just restrict ads on that part of the forum (there wasn’t a way with the Google Adsense plugin). In the end, I gave up and made a Patreon.

You see, you can restrict ads for a group of people! But that would mean that anyone who requested access to the Restricted Section wouldn’t be getting ads all around the rest of the forum. And running this place isn’t cheap!

So I came up with the idea of starting up a Patreon. That way, I could charge people a small fee ($3 a month – check out the Patreon to pledge) and they’d get an ad-free experience everywhere and access to the Restricted Section! That way I can still keep the forums going with revenue, have a Restricted Section up and comply to the Adsense Guidelines.

As soon as I made the Patreon, the Adsense plugin owner added a way to restrict ads on specific sections of the forum :upside_down_face:

But I’m keeping things the way they are now. That way, I have a little more verification that the person is an adult and we can have a more steady income. Adsense isn’t exactly the most consistent thing in the world!

So if you want access to the Restricted Section, please feel free to join the Patreon!

The $3 Restricted Section Tier is the one you’ll want. Restricted Section is also included with the $6 Belly of the Whale tier and above!


My sleep deprived brain is not taking in a word of that :joy:
So the 18+ section (restricted section) are the same thing and only available via the patreon page, where you pay to view and be a part of it?
Did I get that right? lol


Basically yeah!


Gotcha! Well good luck with it :smiley: hope it’s a success for you.


Thanks! I’m hoping it will work out :sweat_smile:


I think I’m going to use my parent’s card to pay for it. :grin::+1:t2:


Hahaha bad idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha! Iconic.

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