What have you learnt from writing?

So my fellow writers, what have you learnt from writing?

I’ve learnt to write from the heart. I don’t have to write about a specific person, culture, language just to feel “diverse” if you get what I mean like when I write a story based on personal experience or preferences it doesn’t need to be fully based on it since the plot of a novel is more crucial but then again, character development is another thing that is important to me.


I’ve learned a lot of things, mainly wisdom and such. I learned that things aren’t always as you’ve hoped for it to be.

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I barely even write, but over the years I did learn how to express things in words unspoken
I express myself a lot better written down tbh

I’ve learnt to just write whatever I’m feeling, and it turns out great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve learnt to write humorously, even if it’s very dark, wicked or sardonic humour.

Also, I have learnt to write without getting annoyed that auto-correct always ‘corrects’ my spellings according to US English. It sucks that I use UK English most of the time (yes, I spell COLOUR, Americans please don’t cringe :upside_down_face:).


Writing bump :writing_hand: :open_book:

I learned to be patient, to be organised and keep my head together.

A little less procrastination too.

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Bumpity bump!

I’ve also learnt from writing that it takes a lot of time to write a book so it’s no rush. I’d rather work on my story at my own pace, if my future novel becomes successful then I will make other stories from different genres that I feel comfortable in writing about. Plus, it’s best if I don’t give out any spoilers for my future novel because it’s going to be a huge surprise but beware, there will be lots of plot twists & Easter Eggs.

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I write in Canadian English and get that all the time. I add the words to my writing program’s dictionary.