What hobbies do you have?

I always find myself listening to music and then discovering new ones that I haven’t listened to. I also like to draw and paint small things, and also write (especially in roleplays)!

How about you, what hobbies do you have? How often do you do them?



I like writing, music, art, talking to friends, playing Wii and sometimes reading

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Well you’re not wrong-

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I’m a very creative person I guess when it comes to hobbies. I love writing, photography, anything having to do with music from listening to it to writing songs to playing music, baking, cooking and drawing or painting. Lol, I really have a lot of hobbies :joy:


Coding, playing MFF, playing Among Us and learning on Duolingo.


Digital painting, running, dance, playing covet fashion and among us :star_struck:

just playing dumb online apps :star_struck:

coding also is fun


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Reading, (on episode and books) coding, Gaming, listening to music, I really enjoy photography, and drinking water yeah

Playing Covet Fashion
Learning new makeup techniques
Coming up with new activities to do with my groups

Me: trying to digital paint.

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I like video editing on my pc, sometimes with my phone on video star, playing games, watching anime and reading manga <33

Writing, playing video games, reading

Being a creepy weirdo.

Painting, hiking, working out. I think that’s all :thinking: