What If English Isn’t Your First Language?

Many of our users don’t have English as their native tongue, and even those who do, don’t think they’re particular well-versed. This blog has suggestions for all.

What do you think, has it helped you? How so?


A lot of people probably don’t know, Shannii herself technically isn’t a native English speaker, lol


Oooh… (raises hand and jumps up and down repeatedly) I know this, I knew this.


Indeed, hehe

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There are a lot of smart points in this blog post I’ll remember.
My first and main language isn’t English, even though I learned English since a very young age and I’m technically fluent in it.
My main problem is that the people around me don’t speak English and it’s not a language I use in my daily conversations, what ended up in me having an accent which I didn’t have a few years ago.
The main use of English I have for now is on here, and that’s why my writing is technically better than my speaking, even though I’m fluent in both

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That was my first blog post and it’s a year old now :sob:
Honestly, when I wrote that I wasn’t sure about the “Think in English” Trick but friends told me that it works really well, so I added it for others to try as well. If it works for my friends, I thought it might work for others here too. But lately, I’ve written and read a lot in English and I notice that I started thinking in English as well sometimes. And it really helped me with my English because I learned to use other words for stuff that I don’t know the correct one for :smile_cat: