What If English Isn’t Your First Language?

Many of our users don’t have English as their native tongue, and even those who do, don’t think they’re particular well-versed. This blog has suggestions for all.

What do you think, has it helped you? How so?


A lot of people probably don’t know, Shannii herself technically isn’t a native English speaker, lol

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Oooh… (raises hand and jumps up and down repeatedly) I know this, I knew this.

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Indeed, hehe

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There are a lot of smart points in this blog post I’ll remember.
My first and main language isn’t English, even though I learned English since a very young age and I’m technically fluent in it.
My main problem is that the people around me don’t speak English and it’s not a language I use in my daily conversations, what ended up in me having an accent which I didn’t have a few years ago.
The main use of English I have for now is on here, and that’s why my writing is technically better than my speaking, even though I’m fluent in both

That was my first blog post and it’s a year old now :sob:
Honestly, when I wrote that I wasn’t sure about the “Think in English” Trick but friends told me that it works really well, so I added it for others to try as well. If it works for my friends, I thought it might work for others here too. But lately, I’ve written and read a lot in English and I notice that I started thinking in English as well sometimes. And it really helped me with my English because I learned to use other words for stuff that I don’t know the correct one for :smile_cat: