What information would you never reveal on a forum/social media?

I’d never reveal my address and phone number and photos of my friends (unless they’re okay with it) but other than that I’m not very secretive about my private life, I have probably even revealed my location here once :eyes::eyes::green_heart::joy:
I’d also never share what music I listen to except for some songs I’m comfortable with sharing, because for some reason that feels too personal for me :eyes::eyes:

So what information would you never reveal on a forum or on social media?
Why? :eyes::sparkles:


I don’t think there’s anything someone can’t know😂
Like there are people that have my phone number so not that
I was gonna say my address and then I remembered I have my snap map working so that can get pretty close to being my address :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Tho i’ve told some people my namee so tahts not so private-

My address, phone number, stuff like that. I’m pretty open even though I probably shouldn’t be.

My number and address, I think that’s it :thinking:

My real name :star_struck:

My address

My address, I guess?

I’m fine with giving people my number, full name, or city/state if I know them well enough.

I would never publicly reveal my address, although I don’t really count private social media as the same thing because people can’t see that information depending on how it’s posted :eyes:

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My email my address unless they’re a friend that I trust

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Personal details, like my full name, home address, phone number, personal email, and other sensitive stuff. Although my friends in real life already know all of the things I’ve mentioned above.

My last name, address, and phone number :eyes:

  • My address
  • The name of the school I work or my students’ full names
  • Anything that could compromise the safety of people important to me. Such as my nephews’ last name and the youngest’s first name. (Because it’s not common at all.)
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Nothing. I don’t even use my real name online. People can’t be trusted.

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My phone number, home address (I’ve mentioned the city I live outside of here before, but that’s where I draw the line), the name of my school, and my real name


Well she’s not wrong

But I don’t really care ngl

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There are people I trust on social media who I’ll reveal pretty much everything to, (bar some very personal things and obvious stuff like passwords)
On a public forum however, I will rarely reveal what I look like unless I’m under the influence of something (usually sugar or adrenaline). i will also never reveal anything more than a vague(ish) location or personal deets like family stuff, school names, ect. ect.

Clear personal details. Oh, and my feelings, family life info, life chapter, anything deeper than the surface about me, but only 99.9% of the time.

I’d never post my address or the exact area I live in public but I would give those to my closest online friends after meeting in a public place multiple times and I’d only meet them after many video calls :sunglasses:

In terms of me things I try not to talk about family matters in the public sections because of the smallllllll tinyyyy risk of my parents seeing them :joy: